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We offer a variety of free leaflets on Bible topics. Just email us or write to us with your address telling us which leaflets you would like, and we will gladly send you copies. We will also happily send you our free magazine, Glad Tidings. For a free sample copy or to subscribe for free for six months, again, please contact us by post or by email.

After death – what?
Learn what the Bible tells us will happen to us after death. It may not be what you think!
Why does God allow suffering?
Gain an understanding of the Bible’s view on suffering. Learn why it doesn’t conflict with a God of Love.
Who are the Christadelphians?
Find out more about the Christadelphian Church, who we are, and what we preach.
One Bible, many churches
There is only one Bible, and yet many denominations of Christian church. Why, and does it matter?
Living after death
See what the Bible teaches about living again after death. You might be surprised by the truth!
Bible prophecy
Learn about some of the amazing prophecies in the Bible that have been fulfilled in incredible detail.
Christ is coming
Read about how Jesus Christ will return to the earth.
Whose land?
Who should own the land of Israel / Palestine? Learn what the Bible says.
Israel is central to much of the Bible and has a key part to play in the future. See why the Bible says Israel is so important to this world’s future.
Angels – God’s messengers
This booklet explains what the Bible tells us about angels.
Why baptism really matters
Learn what baptism is really all about and discover why it’s so essential if we are to have any future hope.
The Bible – our guide
Gain an understanding of how the Bible can be our guide for daily living.
The miracle of the Bible
Read about the history of the Bible, and how it’s remained virtually unchanged since it was first inspired.
The divine origin of the Bible
What’s inspiration? How were God’s words recorded by men through the ages to form what we call “the Bible” today?
Do you believe in a devil?
See what the Bible actually says about “the devil” – do you really know what it is?
Christ in the Old Testament
Did you know that the Old Testament is full of information about Jesus Christ, even though he hadn’t been born at that point? Learn more in this fascinating booklet.
Is there a God?
A fundemental question is addressed in this book – is there really any evidence that God exists?
Heaven and hell
Discover what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell. It may not be what you expected!
Hope for a hopeless world
It may seem that the earth has no future, but the Bible says contrary. See for yourself what the Bible says will happen to this planet.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jesus rose from the dead. Learn why this is so important, and what the Bible teaches about this key event.
Jesus – God the Son or Son of God?
Many churches teach that Jesus is “God the Son” yet that phrase is not found in the Bible. See what the Bible really says on this topic.
The kingdom of God on Earth
Read about God’s future kingdom, and what the Bible teaches about a wonderful future for our planet.
The Christian and politics
Find out more about the Christadelphian church, who we are, and what we preach.
Who Are The Christadelphians?
Do you understand what the Bible says a Christian’s view should be on politics and voting? This booklet points you to key Bible teachings on this subject.
Does God hear prayer?
Prayer is so important to a Christian, but does God really hear our prayers?
Women priests
Many churches permit women to be priests. What is the Bible’s teaching on this topic?
You share in God’s promises
What promises has God made to us, and how can you share in them?
Resurrection and judgement
The Bible talks about a future judgement we’ll have to face at the resurrection from the dead. Discover Bible truth on this important topic.
Sunday and the Sabbath
See what the Bible teaches about what our attutide to “the Sabbath” should be.
The Holy Spirit
What’s the Holy Spirit, does anyone posess it today, and what was its importance in the earlier times?