Bible courses

We offer Bible courses for individuals or small groups over 10 sessions of about 45 minutes held around 3.30pm either Sundays or Tuesdays. Choose from the list below what suits you and get in contact to book a session.

What to expect

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Course list

Introducing the Bible

For those wanting to understand and read the Bible

It will help you to understand the background and overall contents of the Bible, introducing you to the Old and New Testaments, providing evidence of why the Bible can be trusted, giving helpful tips on getting started on Bible reading and exploring some of the important Bible themes.

Reading the Bible

Enjoy its message (particularly if English is not your first language)

It will help you to enjoy reading the Bible to gain a simple understanding of its message in English, learning the meaning and pronunciation of key words from those often used to those less well understood.

The Gospels

Discover the life and teaching of Jesus

It will help you discover how the Gospels (which means Good News) were written and to look at the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – his teaching, his miracles and the promises he gave.

The Acts of the Apostles

Understand the life and faith of the first Christians

It will help you to understand the development of the first Christians from the resurrection of Jesus to the preaching work of the apostle Paul, the teaching of Jesus’ disciples and the beliefs and worship of the early church.

The Book of Genesis

Explore God’s book of beginnings

It will help you to explore this important book in the Bible, what it reveals about creation and the foundations of the promises of God – to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their fulfilment in Jesus Christ.

The Gospel in Isaiah

An amazing message from this prophet

It will help you be amazed at the message from one of the most important books of the Old Testament, to reveal the ways in which God works with people and to read some truly remarkable prophecies concerning Jesus.