About us

About the Christadelphian Church

The importance of the Bible

We firmly believe that the Bible is the only way we can learn about God’s message to his creation. Christadelphians understand it to be fully inspired by God and therefore believe it all (both Old and New Testaments) to be totally trustworthy (e.g. 2 Timothy 3:16).

All our beliefs are based upon Bible teaching, and we do not rely upon any other revelations. We endeavour to live lives in accord with Bible teaching, and we believe our teachings are identical to those held by the first century church that formed after Jesus’ ascension into heaven.

Our beliefs

We believe the Bible clearly teaches the following doctrines:

  • Jesus was God’s son, born through Mary by the action of God’s Holy Spirit upon her.
  • Jesus died when he was crucified by the Romans, but God raised him from death after three days.
  • Jesus is now in heaven, from where he will return to establish God’s kingdom upon earth.
  • At Jesus’ return, there will be a resurrection of those who have known the gospel message, and Jesus will judge them.
  • We all require forgiveness for our sins; sin is the cause of our suffering and death.
  • When we die, we lose all consciousness, and will remain in the grave until the future resurrection.
  • Baptism (complete immersion in water of an understanding adult) associates us with Jesus’ death and resurrection, and is the means by which we can be forgiven our sins.
  • When God’s kingdom is established on earth, pain, suffering and even death itself will be removed.

The Christadelphian Church

Christadelphian churches can be found in many countries of the world. We all hold the same beliefs, and each church meets once a week to remember Jesus’ work by sharing bread and wine. We have no paid ministry, but all our preaching is done by lay preachers.